sigma mu delta

About Us


Sigma Mu Delta was founded by eleven pre-medical undergraduates from the University of California at Davis on February 9, 1994. With the shared goal of forming a bond between pre-medical students on campus and of motivating each other in their pursuit of becoming physicians, the eleven founding fathers created a fraternity that was based upon the principles of Brotherhood, Education, and Dedication.
These ideals were first recognized by three of the fraternity’s founding brothers: Roger Fong, Duc Tran, and Loc Trieu. As they struggled in the process of preparing for the MCAT, a strong bond of friendship was established. Even after the MCAT, their support for one another continued; there was an unselfishness of teaching, learning, and sharing between them. No longer did any of them feel alone in their journey toward medical school. Soon after, having realized the benefits of sharing knowledge and experience among peers, the three decided to expand their circle of friendship to the eleven young men who would later form Sigma Mu Delta. Their common struggle was the building of a new pre-health fraternity based on those three principles of Brotherhood, Education, and Dedication. Each founding member contributed their time and effort on different tasks to create a foundation for the fraternity. The founding fathers established the rituals and symbols of the fraternity, as well as the ceremonies of initiation and activation, which were to be carried out during each pledge term thereafter. The eleven founding fathers of Sigma Mu Delta hoped to create a strong foundation for future brothers of the fraternity to rely upon as pledges and actives.

Opening New Doors

Fall 2003 marked a turning point in Sigma Mu Delta’s history. After nearly ten years since its conception, the Fraternity took its first step toward expansion. Under the guidance of Pledge Master Edward Po and Pledge Father Sam Soltani, 20 premedical undergraduates from the University of California, Berkeley, became the first members of the Beta Chapter. With the creation of a new chapter and the crossing of the Berkeley Charter Class, the Fraternity underwent a period of reorganization. A Constitutional Committee was formed to revise the Constitution and By Laws, and an Incorporation Committee was formed to oversee the creation of Sigma Mu Delta, Inc.

The Legacy Lives On

The history of Sigma Mu Delta is still in the writing, and as each pledge crosses to attain active status, they will continue our brotherhood’s traditions of excellence and commitment.