sigma mu delta

UC Berkeley’s Premier Pre-Medical Fraternity


Q: Why join Sigma Mu Delta?

Networking – The brothers of SMD are well integrated in many areas of the Berkeley community. We have helped many fellow brothers get positions in private laboratories and doctor shadowing.
Academic Improvement – Nearly all brothers have taken all of the premed prerequisites and are willing to tutor others. We also have access to a large test file as well as past notes.
Help Getting Into Medical School – As a premedical fraternity, nearly all of our brothers have a common goal of going to medical school. Brothers who are in med school and those who are in the process of applying offer a wealth of knowledge on how to get in and survive.
Establish Great Memories – We at SMD believe that establishing a successful fraternity with hard working brothers requires strong brotherhood and camaraderie. We host BBQs and parties throughout the semester to relax and have a great time.
Be A Part of Something New – The Berkeley chapter is fairly young, but is growing fast. We are making headway into the surrounding community and building a strong reputation. By becoming a member, you can play a part in shaping SMD’s future.

Q: What happens after rush?

After the events held during rush week and the brothers have had ample time to get to know who you are, the fraternity holds professional interviews for all candidates. Brothers will evaluate candidates based on how they contribute to our three principles: brotherhood, education, and dedication. Selected candidates will receive a bid, a formal invitation to join the fraternity as an associate member. Should the candidate accept the bid, they will be invited to a commencement ceremony along with fellow candidates who accepted the bid to become the next pledge class of Sigma Mu Delta.

Q: I have entered the pledging process. Now what?

The pledge term is an 8-week session within which pledges get to understand what it means to be a brother of Sigma Mu Delta. It is utilized to create strong bonds between pledge brothers and actives. There will be many enjoyable and memorable experiences as well as periods when much work is to be done.

Q: I’ve heard about horrible things happening to frat pledges.

We do not believe that belittling or harming members of our fraternity creates strong brotherhood; therefore, hazing is forbidden.

Q: Will the pledge term be “hard?”

The pledge term is designed to build character and produce well rounded med-school applicants out of our pledges. This of course will require pledges to work out of their “comfort zone”. However no pledge will ever be demanded to perform the impossible. If you work hard during this period, the benefits that come out of it will far outweigh the effort put into it.

Q: I’m afraid that the pledge term will require too much of me and my grades will consequently drop.

As a professional academic fraternity, we have designed the pledge term to have exactly the opposite effect. The pledge term will strengthen the pledge in many aspects as a pre-med student. Required study hours, research of the healthcare institution, among other professional development activities, will boost grades and encourage growth as a pre-health applicant. Pledges also have access to our fraternity’s notes and test bank from other actives who have already taken such classes.

Q: What happens after the pledge term?

Once the pledge term is completed successfully, each pledge will be formally initiated into the fraternity as an active brother.